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whats the history of transformers?

im doing a power point and i want to know all i have is that it got started in 84', but who owned it at first and who ownes it now and is it a product? but basically i need a site or a person to tell me how it got to now and i need a site that has nice pics of the first transformers to 2009


Yep, it replace into an 80's comic strip placed out with the help of way of the Hasbro company company company,(who additionally advertised the everyday GI Joe toys and cartoons). The exhibits have been long working commercials for the ever evolving line of toys. The Transformers have been the form till Hasbro have been given right here out with the previous Transformers action image (anime) which pissed each and all the fams off by using fact of certainty they killed off Optimus precise and then dwindled the numerous characters into obscurity with the objective to sell their new line of robots. you will are available the process most of the previous episodes on youtube.
Jan 26, 2018

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