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Where does the phone traffic switch set?

Buy a new phone, ZTE n980, and then I often use the mobile Internet, bought a traffic package, the results I found that I do not know how to open this traffic. Used to be with Apple, where he has a mobile phone data called honeycomb, point on the 3G, and then I this phone, do not know which one is the flow switch. And then come to find, and finally locked four suspects: 1: Move data 2: PPPOE 3: GPS (this is not a navigation, what looks like an abbreviation) 4: CTNET CTWAP (this point he will change, do not know how to use) And then I opened a point, found that the point opened, but also on the network, solution


Point to move the data, the other do not tamper with, or will affect your use of the map and Internet speed
May 9, 2017
Mobile data is the flow switch, PPPOE refers to the dial-up Internet settings is not set up the Internet, GPS is the positioning, NET / WAP refers to the access point, NET for the 3G, WAP for 2G to see what your card is what point
May 9, 2017
Set up ---- mobile network ----- start the mobile network.
May 9, 2017

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