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who else hates that new stupid glass building near 30th street?

that looks like a rectangle drawn by a 1st grader. i hate that building it blocks the sky and the blinking lights at night make me want to shoot out the windows. i like stars, thanks.


I thought that I was going to like that building, but the look doesn't work. They intended to make it colorful, but the office lights mess up the color designs. The strange angles make it ugly during the day. It just needs to be demolished, and replaced.
Apr 14, 2017
I know I saw a sight before that had the a concept of what the skyline would look like if all of the proposals were built, and it was kind of cool. Just look at the difference between the view from the Art Museum Steps in Rocky and today. I think the lights on Cira are gaudy at best, but they do look alright from 10+ miles away, although, a flashing-light-distraction is the last thing that the Schukyll Expressway needs. Supposedly, there's another building proposed for that site right next to Cira. And if you think about it, the building itself and the concept of it make sense. 30th Street Station is the mid-way point between two of the largest cities in the US, and it seemed like a lot of people were just passing through Philly instead of staying and spending their money here. Now, people don't even need to leave the trainstation to get to work, or to meet someone mid-way from NYC and Wash. D.C. Besides...Philly can always use a boost, and new construction is always just that.
Apr 14, 2017
I assume you are talking about the Cirra Centre. My feelings are mixed about this building. I love the fact that they are building up west of the river, and the building does have some unique shapes to it. But, overall, I don't think I really care for the building. It looks like architecture from the 1980s.
Apr 14, 2017
Ah, the Circa Bldg. Not the greatest additon to the skyline. It looks out of place being at 30th street. But thanks to tax breaks, Many are moving offices there. Dumb, in a city with lots of vacant office space. Hmmm, it could be worse... Kimmel Center for example.
Apr 14, 2017

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