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Why does cold water only trickle into my washing machine basin?

Cold water is entering my washing machine at a trickle, I've checked both the hot and cold water valves and connecting tubes. They are both relatively new and the water pressure is strong for both. I checked for obstructions in the cold water tube and it is clear. I checked the small mesh screen located within the intake connection on the back of the washing machine and it is clean. So there is no lack of water pressure and there is no obstruction to cold water entering the machine. I can only assume that the obstruction must be internal. Before I remove the back panel, are there any recommendations?


You probably don't have an obstruction.Your Hot and Cold water switch is bad. It's very inexpensive and not hard to replace.If you raise the top of your machine you should be able to see it and get at it to replace it.Your hot and cold water hoses should attach to it. Hope this helps.
Apr 14, 2017
Take off your panel and use your camera to photograph the internal parts. Then go to the repair store that services your brand of washing machine...tell them everything you've checked, and what was the result and then ask them if they have a clue what might be wrong? Then pull out the camera and show it to them, and have them point to the possible bad part. Then order one. You can switch parts yourself, just unplug the appliance, have rags and a small pail handy for water spillage.... good luck.
Apr 14, 2017

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