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Why does my millet phone always turn on the traffic switch?

I was rice 2 night when the sleep obviously closed the flow switch! How the morning is up when it is open! Mobile version is stable version of JLB28.0


Under normal circumstances, millet phone charging is not automatically open the phone's data traffic. If the phone often automatically turn on data traffic, there may be the following reasons: 1, some software has been opened to open the mobile network system permissions, so the software starts, the software will automatically open the phone data traffic to network. Users can enter the security center of the mobile phone - Authorization Management - Application Rights Management - find these software in the application list, click to enter the view permission settings details, will open the mobile network permissions can be changed to prohibit can be changed. 2, the mobile phone system poisoning or rogue software hidden in the system, secretly open the data traffic; this situation can use the security software for the virus on the depth of the virus killing, find rogue software, it can be uninstalled. 3, if you can not uninstall or can not find the rogue software, you can try to restore the phone system to factory settings or upgrade to the latest version to solve.
May 9, 2017
1, millet phone comes with similar security software running in the background, if you install the other security class software may cause a conflict, do not recommend you to install third-party security software, the installation of these software may affect the normal use of mobile phones The 2, you restore the factory settings to try to restore. Backup data: enter the system tools / security center - backup - create a new backup, select all the data for backup, usually 3-5 minutes. To restore the factory settings: Click the phone menu key - System Settings - All Settings - Backup and Reset - Restore Factory Settings - Open the Delete application, close the format SD card, and click Reset Phone.
May 9, 2017
Just to see someone else's argument, there may be power saving mode where the problem. In the "safety center - power optimization" here, the settings inside all closed. Try it, I am also the problem, is experiencing
May 9, 2017
Did not come across, you can try to develop the board, you can delete some of the software, it seems not the problem, the development version of the update is also faster, the system BUG repair more timely
May 9, 2017

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