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Why is my Nintendo WiFi USB connector not working?

I have just purchased a new Nintendo WiFi USB connector. Everything installed fine, and when I bring it up and try to connect with my DS the program shows that it recognizes my DS and the Setupis complete. But when the connection test starts, it shows three green bars on my DS and on my computer and all looks good until it stops and says Error Code: 52003, Unable to obtain IP Address. The tech support online is no help. Is my having Windows Vista causing this? I thought that if it weren't compatible that the program wouldn't have installed at all. Anyway, what should I do?


I have one myself but not totally sure what ur problem is. Could be that you are using Vista. The connector is designed for XP but you could try re installing the programme, go thru the DS setup and make sure to select wireless then WiFi connector. Also ensure on PC that you grant your DS access using the WiFi icon in botton right tool bar. Check the error code also on Nintendo support page. These might work but if not sorry!
Dec 7, 2017
i also hav 1 but i hav an xp so maybe it is just the vista, try re-installing and if at your last attempt it still doe'snt work check all the sites for problems or even call them if they hav a # if not i gess u hav to return and not have wi-fi
Dec 7, 2017

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