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why would mice want to live inside my plasterboard walls when they cant access food and i hve 2 cats?

there are a lot of mice in my area, my cats are forever catching and killing them. my neighbour has had them inside her house (she has no cats). last night both my cats were upstairs, staring at the wall. i put them out when i went to bed and then heard all this scratching in the wall behind my bed. its a plasterboard wall filled with insulation and doesnt lead anywhere else, unless they've chewed their way thru the ceiling or chipboard floor. why on earth wud mice come in when they cant get food??? and how the heck do i get them out without making holes in the wall?


they probably got in under the skirting boards (The usually white bits of wood around the bottom of the walls that is near the floor) Its warm and cosy in there and very safe. (Have you ever seen tom and jerry? your cat cant get in there) They will leave at night time and get food from outside or whatever is lying around the house.
May 11, 2017
It's probably just because they're looking for somewhere warm and safe. They're obviously not the SMARTEST animals, so they don't connect that cats live inside the house, only that there are no cats inside the walls. You should probably call a professional, I wouldn't try getting them out myself.
May 11, 2017
in case you seize them and can't preserve them stumble on a no kill take care of on your section. In northern CA we've 9 Lives they take all of them, from feral to toddler kittens and each and every thing in between. They by no ability positioned them down and save them until eventually eventually followed. Now lower back to the area of warm temperature. I had a feral years in the past. I took an previous shaped laundry basket, positioned a pillow in it & positioned previous sea coast towels on suitable of the pillow and up the perimeters of the basket. She slept each and every evening even as it change into chilly, on my coated the front porch. I were given a tremendous used field became it on its section and positioned the basket contained in the field as wintry climate winds approached. She looked as if it would love it. strong success.
May 11, 2017

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