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Will a laptop cooling pad affect laptop performance?

I'm considering on purchasing a laptop cooling pad due to the overheating caused from rendering high bitrate video - which then causes the laptop to forcefully shut down. Will the cooling pad speed up the performance of my laptop?


It might, but if the laptop is heating up to the point where it shuts off, probably not by much. The hardware in a laptop will throttle down to reduce heat when it reaches a certain a point, this will slow the system down, so your rendering takes longer than it would if the computer stayed cool. So if you added a cooling pad, while it would lower the temperature, it wouldn't lower it below the point where the CPU throttles. It should at least prevent the computer from shutting off, if you buy a good enough one. Really good ones hard to find though, they're much easier to build. If you use the cooling pad all the time, even when you're using the laptop for regular tasks like browsing the internet, then you might notice it running faster. In cases where the load isn't as high, I could see that feasibly able to keep the temperature below the throttle point.
Jan 26, 2018
No. A USB cooling pad merely takes the voltage to make the followers run. there is not any direct connection between your motherboard information-clever. the only factor it ought to impact is your skill-grant. it ought to (very rarely) be pulling too lots electrical energy from the motherboard. yet I rather doubt of this. It can not be your USB cooling pad affecting your laptops' overall performance.
Jan 26, 2018
no it will take the heat away from you laptop better and may help a little but it wont help with performance
Jan 26, 2018

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