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Will AC relays be replaced with DC relays?

Primary are 12V power supply, secondary AC relay is the control of AC equipment, DC relay is to control the DC device. The circuit of the product is the same.


DC relay can not replace AC relay! DC TV constant pressure constant current power supply! Relay coil with iron core iron can be a stable suction and hold the state! The direction and intensity of the alternating current is constantly changing! This makes it have an excessive zero in phase and intensity! (Zero potential) This zero point is very short But enough to make the relay core frequency vibration! Can not be stable pull! In order to overcome this zero loss of magnetic defects! AC relays (including AC contactors) are equipped with polarized short-circuit rings on their cores! This short circuit is made of copper with a good conductor! This set of short-circuit copper on the bias pole in the AC current zero due to the sudden change in the magnetic field and produce a strong induced current! Which in turn caused a magnetic field to fill the main core of the zero-phase loss of magnetic! Zero loss time is extremely short! Have this moment the magnetic field is enough to keep the core stable! DC relay without short circuit ring! Connected to the AC into a vibrator!
May 9, 2017
AC relays and DC relays refer to the control terminals, not the equipment behind the control. If the actual as you say, as long as the relay contact capacity to meet the existing equipment can be.
May 9, 2017
Can not, the nature of the charge is not the same, AC only DC can only share the incandescent bulbs
May 9, 2017

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