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will i get virus on my mobile phone?

i have internet connection on my nokia 5300 and i use it for connecting to internet on my computer too (via usb cable). will my mobile phone ever get a virus if there's a virus on my computer? if yes where can i find a suitable anti-virus for my nokia 5300?


While viruses for mobile phones do exist, they exist only for some mobile phone models - and yours is not one of them. You won't find any anti-virus programs (or even file managers) for your phone, either. If your phone looks like an USB drive when connected to your PC and if your PC is infected with some kinds of viruses, the virus can copy itself to your phone. However, it will be inert there - it won't be able to run on the phone and won't even be able to infect another PC (since autoplay doesn't work for USB drives).
Dec 7, 2017
oh you definitly can get viruses on a phone but they are very rare. the ones that exist though are very bad and can charge you for texting you didnt do. but the only way to get viruses on your phone is to respond to a text that has the virus. viruses from your computer will not even affect your phone since they are designed to attack windows pcs not phones. so as long as you arent texting strange people you should be fine. its not something i would say you should worry about. however if you want to and you have virus software you can right click your phone in windows explorer and run a scan on it just to make sure.
Dec 7, 2017
it quite is totally plenty accessible to be contaminated from information that are placed there interior the computer and transferred a replica to the memory card once you inserted the cardboard to get or shop information from/interior the computer. yet do not issue you frequently can reinstall the OS of your cellular telephone. :) And there are virus removing courses are accessible for cellular telephones.
Dec 7, 2017
i dont think u can get a virus on your phn
Dec 7, 2017

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