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Will neon lights be replaced by LED instead of LED?

In the LED today, will the traditional neon sign be replaced by it?


Whether or not to be replaced is related to many reasons. Life expectancy, cost, safety, and even national policy are all relevant.The neon lamp life than the same cost of LED is to be long, but the premise is not drunk, not water, making the pass, there is no leak.
Jul 4, 2017
The price of neon light is much cheaper than that of LED of the same length and brightness.The working voltage of neon light is several thousand times of LED, so the security is not good, and it is not suitable for the place where people can approach.
Jul 4, 2017
We here GOV advocate new energy and low carbon, the city's appearance requires new light boxes have to do LED, so some streets of the lamp box has been fully realized LED, that is, you have already reached the standard of replacement.Therefore, it will be replaced, there are many reasons, but it depends on the specific circumstances.
Jul 4, 2017

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