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3.8 series 2 engine help?

I have a 3.8 series 2 engine and have coolant leaking from both sides of the intake manifold people are telling me it‘s a blown intake gasket. I can‘t afford to pay a mechanic to fix it could I use bars liquid copper to fix this?


I understand that it is the speed rating Personally for a Jeep I would get a good light truck winter tire.
Not sure of your size, but in my personal experience, I would go with the truck tires. Specifically, the BFG Radial All Terrain or the Bridgestone Revo. Both of these are very good traction tires without being overly aggressive for everyday street driving. Both also provide good to excellent off-road traction (except for deep mud). And finally, they both should give you a good 50k miles before you need replacements as long as you keep them rotated every 5k or so miles. Older Explorers used passenger tires and look what happened to them. The side walls were soft and it caused separation of the tread due to the flexing. It also allowed for excessive body roll. Performance tires are for performance cars and trucks and look ghey on Jeeps. When in doubt, go up a size. Jeeps are meant to be lifted and driven in areas that yuppies in their exploders and 4 runners won't go. Don't insult your Jeep by keeping it on the road and having girly-man tires on it.
NO!!! All that will do is plug up the radiator and heater core. Motors don't care if you're broke. Either have it repaired or get a ride. You'll ruin the motor if you drive it like that.
No, you can not use stop leak liquid as a solution. When you say people are telling you, do you mean qualified Mechanics? If not take it to a qualified mechanic for a proper diagnosis. It may be as simple as freeze plug replacement.
Bars leak isn't going to fix it. A few days ago a few of us told you that engine is notorious for cracking the intake because they are plastic (actually composite). It's so common they actually sell a repair kit to repair a leaking EGR tube. But it will have to come apart to fix it regardless of if it's cracked or a leaking gasket.

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