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A question about central a/c and roof solar panels?

A local air conditioning company is advertising combining their (newly installed) central air conditioning system for homes, with roof solar panels. They say that the combination MAY reduce your electric bill. Nothing I can see to back-up their claims. Hmmmmm. And they offer, if you can get it; central air conditioning that runs on natural gas. Again, possibly cheaper than using electricity.Has any one actually tested to find out if solar panels and/or natural gas DOES, or DOES NOT save you any money to make it worth the bother?


Don't do it! It takes years to get your money back. Your better to put the money into insulation and or buying geo thermal unit. I knew someone who install solar panels on his roof to generate hydro and he didn't notice much of a change on his hydro bill and then he had roof problems . Central air units in last 2 years have become very efficient . Almost half the hydro of ones 0 years ago. If you can afford buy a geo thermal unit. It uses the heat of the ground in the winter 2 heat your house during the winter and the coolness of the ground to cool your house. They aren't cheap though. If you plan on living in your house for more than 0 years and have the room in the yard to install then go for it. No how you slice it though AC units use way more hydro than solar panels can produce. You would need about half a football field with a huge battery storage system to run a AC unit. When a company states you might on hydro I would stay away. Also remember they do not tell you about the costs of the upkeep on the solar panels and converter and batteries
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if you use solar panels it will make electric to run anything you want . it depends how much they charge to build the solar system if it makes sense, money wise. but if your asking if solar power makes enough electric to power an A/C the answer is , you bet your azz .. but only when the sun shines Nellie

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