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A song from a commercial I have partial lyrics.?

I don't even know what exactly the commercial is FOR because I get all distracted by the song. I think it may be a commercial for a video game, or some kind of phone or something electronic.It's kind of a heavy rock beat and a guy is singing/talking and he sounds like works at a circus or a freak show and he says something like stand back while I open the door. Your jaws will be all on the floor. Pretty soon you'll be begging for more.Then is breaks into loud rock.Anyone????


I drove military and commercial vehicles for more than 30 years. Every one of those vehicles had a fire extinguisher installed, and I NEVER had the need to use one. Car fires are such a rare occurrence that you may never actually see one. My advice forget the fire extinguisher. Carry a cell phone and make sure you have full-coverage insurance on your car. If it catches on fire, use your cell phone to call 911, get away from the car and let it burn.
You would hope if you have a fire that causes $80,000 in damages, the insurance claim would cover the $7.99 for the smoke detector.
This has got to be one of the best questions I've seen on here yet! haha. Something I've wondered as well yet never would have thought to ask on yahoo. I live in CA and we have them here too. Supposedly they're to make you slow down approaching the traffic of people but I always go extra fast over them to make my kids laugh cause they vibrate in the cart! :)

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