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About LED ceiling lamp contact touch switch ~!

My house corridor lights installed LED ceiling lamp, but no matter what brand I contact the switch is flashing, FireWire line is definitely not connected. Trying to find a solution?. Hope that the master pointing, and today heard that people use a 0.1uF capacitor connected in parallel on the lights can be solved. I found a capacitor for 0.2uf and tried, and the light did not flicker.


The LED lamp has the pre drive, connect the switch or not can not be completely closed, only a few cents after the experiment can perfectly solve, insert plate with power indicator to know it, the lights down (remember and resistance down together). Or to a treasure Amoy can also. Then, in parallel with the LED lights, it can be solved perfectly. Parallel connection must be in front of the LED light driver
It should be incompatible. It is better to choose touch switch with relay output. It's always bright, indicating leakage.
Is the zero line live? You take with a digital pen
Your touch switch should be controlled by silicon light, and your LED dome light is just ordinary power supply, not dimming power, so it will flash when touching light

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