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Advanced Photographers: What is your favorite helpful hint?

I've lately received a large number of emails asking questions that a simple helpful hint could solve. Since there is more knowledge from the group compared to the individual, how about each of us describing our favorite tip.It could be simple, such as: spraying Pam on your model is a great way to simulate sweat, is non-toxic, you don't touch them, and it easily showers off.Or less-than-simple, such as: you can build a ring-light for model portraits by 1. cutting a wooden ring to fit over your lens, 2. cover it with silver reflective material from a car window shade, 3. attach 6 to 10 under-cabinet lights to the front of the ring, running the wires through drilled holes, 4. connect the wires according to the instructions, 5. mount the light on a stand, 6. connect the power according to the instructions, 7. Light the model's face, 8. shoot through the hole.I admit I am curious to what the best hint would be and who would give it.


You are missing several vital units. 68 what?? 38 what ? You have to know the resistivity of copper and then work out the resistance of the copper wire. With the resistance and the current you can work out the voltage. Total resistance of rod and wire 1.56 . 10^–6 . 2 / ( π .(1.15 . 10^–2 )^2 ) + 1.56 . 10^–6 . 38 / ( π . ( 4.15 . 10^–3)^2)0.00751 + 1.0961.10 Ω Voltage current . Resistance 15100 . 1.1 16657 17000 Volts Energy V . I . t 16657 . 15100 . 68 . 10^–61710317000 J I'm taking the m in 68 ms to mean 10^–6 and not 10^–3 . Not clear which it is but I think lightning strikes are quicker than nearly a tenth of second.
You know to check if you have the red trinity you can go to Jiminy's Journal. And in the first game worlds can't be locked unless you haven't gone there before weird

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