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After the completion of prestressed tension grouting on the basket can move forward



Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the grouting process. Do not allow the prestressed tension after the completion of the grouting on the basket forward. In reality no grouting on the hanging basket forward without accident, mainly due to the design is conservative, safety factor and other factors, to ensure the normal operation of the structure, however, once appear quality accident, it will investigate the problems existing in the construction.
[prestressed grouting is not completed after the hanging basket forward is not allowed] duct grouting has two main purposes: one is to protect the steel wire no rust, prolong the service life of structure, so the grouting be plump and compact; two is as a medium in relaxation steel strand, to transfer beam a part of stress.
[] the hanging basket is a walk along the railway activities scaffolding, hanging basket hanging in the already stretching and anchoring box girder, cantilever casting box girder formwork installation, rebar, pipe installation, concrete pouring, tensioning and grouting work were carried out in the hanging basket. When the construction procedure of a beam section is completed, the hanging basket is lifted, and the beam is moved downwards. Therefore, the hanging basket is not only the space of the construction equipment, but also prestressed tendons before the beam segment of the load-bearing structure, and now large, medium and large buildings use this equipment.

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