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Aluminium or hi-ten bike?

I'm was thinking of buying an aluminium bike but I saw some good bikes with hi-ten.


John and WLE, I hate to disagree... When it comes to bikes in the quality that is presented, the high tensile steel model will be the better one. On lower priced bikes, aluminum frames tend to be heavier than steel due to the low-zoot material. It is a fact that aluminum AS A MATERIAL is half the weight of steel. It is also a fact that it is 1/3 the strength. To make a low end aluminum frame as strong as a steel one, more material has to be added and will be heavier than the steel one. There is a reason that you see more aluminum bikes than steel at places like Walmart. They are cheaper to make. Unless you plan to spend HALF AGAIN what you are looking at for an aluminum bike over a steel model, don't bother... just stay with the steel one.
Sep 27, 2017
Get an aluminum frame Hi-ten steel is the buzz word for cheap plain steel.
Sep 27, 2017
hi ten is always cheap heavy junk on the other hand aluminum can be pretty crappy too if it costs under $300 don;t expect miracles either way but i would still say aluminum wle
Sep 27, 2017

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