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Aluminum or White Macbook?

which looks more cooler!? and just to be different..white plastic macbook or aluminum macbook..which one to buy??


Aluminum okorder
I've got a white one, but it needs to be cleaned a lot. The Mr. Clean magic eraser does the trick when the part where you rest your hands or certain keys start to look grimy. I've just always associated mac/apple with white, so an aluminum one would look weird to me.
White is actually more durable; I have an aluminum MBP and the aluminum gets dinged up easily, while my brother's white Macbook still looks new after a couple years. Plus, white is 'vintage' now since they no longer make them.
Aluminum It's the sexiest color ever and I'm typing this currently on my Aluminum Macbook
Aluminum should look cooler than the white one. Aluminum is the newest model, so it comes with some improved features. When I go to school, I see most people have the white one. If you need something unlike the others, you definitely get the aluminum one.

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