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Aluminum profile cutting tool

What cutting tool is better for cutting aluminum profile? Because this aluminum alloy material is used for radiator, there is 3mm thick sheet, it is standing up, and cutting to make it easy to deformation, which requires very sharp knives. After cutting for a period of time with a high speed steel tool, the tool is a little bit worn out, and the material starts to deform and the tool can no longer be used. Is it reasonable to use a corn cutter? Or it can be better solved with other tools or techniques.


It is recommended to use carbide alloy milling cutters, and corn cutters are not recommended. Special aluminum processing of milling cutter front angle and screw angle are particularly sharp, and the drain trough is through special polishing processing, to chip removal has great influence, not easy to stick knife! It is also suggested that the use of emulsion cooling can greatly reduce the heat of cutting! If you are looking for surface finish, it is recommended to use cooling oil cooling!
The blade has no chamfering and is very sharp.On condition emulsion, in which the mineral oil content is higher, is advantageous to the lubrication.Corn milling is not necessary, aluminum alloy cutting efficiency is very high, do not need big cutting tool, and you say that the workpiece is easy to deformation, not to use corn milling this high cutting impedance tool
Adopt the indexable surface milling cutter for cutting, pay attention to the main deflection angle of 75 degrees or 90 degrees, the axial component is small, and the workpiece deformation is small.The blade is made of aluminum alloy slotted blade. Each has standard products.

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