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any EFFECTIVE and EASY way in recycling or disposing of wastes??

i'm looking for the hassle free one.


Keeping person warm sometimes effects negatively(such during high temp; 40 C esp.)In this case you can apply cold to thighsAddition to that in normal cases cold application suppresses the immune systemIf you are not sure i advise you keep patient in normal room temperatureWish you healthy days
A fever is not to kill the virus, it is a sign of infectionYour mom was right to use cold towels to keep the fever down(I hope they weren't too cold) They are supposed to be lukewarm, or a lukewarm bath works just as well.
Sorry, you're going to have to make some effort and stick to the plan, but it's so worth it For vegetable waste (food and yard stuff), compost itCreate a heap in your back yard or patio away from the house (it will get warm, rot and draw flies)Turn the heap every few days with a shovel or rakeIn a few weeks you'll have nice, rich stuff you can put on your plants and lawn Other food waste (especially fat and bones) need to go in trash bags (preferably biodegradable Plastic, paper, glass and aluminum packaging material (most of what we throw out) can be recycledAssign one big trash cans to each of glass and aluminum and take it to a recycling center - or let one of your more industrious neighbors have it freePaper can be burned if you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove (they pollute the air however) Plastic is the biggest offender in landfills as most of what we use does n't biodegrade and will blow around the country for eonsThis, too, will change with consumer demand for biodegradable plasticsMostly, we can reduce waste by cooking from scratch so we don't bring home all that packaging in the first place One of my favorite contributions is recycling my laundry water to the gardenThe outgoing water is channeled into a big trash can equipped with a pressure-sensitive sump pump (total investment about $200 - this is the type of pump used to remove water from crawl spaces under homes when they fill with rain or ground water)Garden hose attached to sump pump leads out of the garage into the patioI live in a small townhome and have a smallish patio that's kept clean and the plants watered and fertilized (they like the phosphates in the detergent)Of 12 SCalifornia months I don't use this method only for about 2 - 3 winter months - rainy season.
Stay in bed and put a damp, cold towel on your forehead then put on a lot of covers to keep you warm, Your parents were both right!
your mum was quite right, if you have a high temperature you need to bring it down by using cool towels, although taking some Neurofen would have done the trick, and might have been more comfortable than cold towels.

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