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any machine invented to capture lightning from atmospherer?

How to invite a machine to capture the lightning directly from the atmosphere


Joe P is right. But also, pvc is generally white - the direct bury kind can be green or blue - but houshold pvc is white. Generally, drain pipes are ABS which is black. Basically, you have to cut out the damaged section and put in a new piece. The good news is that you can cut PVC or ABS with any hand saw and glueing in a new piece is a piece of cake. Often, there is enough play in the line that you can use two glue in unions to connect your new piece to your old piece on each end. If not, use a glue in connector on one end and a rubber connector which slips down the pipe and which is held in place with clamps ( commonly called a fernco - use this name at the hardware store, it will get you some respect ;) ) on the other end. Have fun.
First, find out what is legal and what isn't. Be sure you are correct about it. Then, gather as much evidence proving they are in violation as you can. This can include recording video of the noise, phone records showing you had called them several times to ask them to stop, police reports, etc If you have an iphone or andriod (or know anyone that does) get an app that records decibel levels. Show what the meter is registering at on video as they make the noise. Again, get as much solid evidence as you can. Once you have the evidence that you know shows they are in violation of the city code or law, then you can bring that back to the police, or if that isn't going anywhere you can take them to small claims court. Just be sure you have really good evidence and you really understand what is legal and what isn't. The judge will definitely help you solve the problem. But, only if you can prove they are in violation. One last thing. Some lawyers provide free consultations. If you wanted to you could talk with an attorney and tell them you are thinking about suing over this and see what he/she says. They will probably give you some advice even if you don't use their services. Also, if they tell you it's a slam dunk and you can definitely win if you sue, then the business will have to pay all attorney's fees so it won't cost you anything if you use a lawyer. In that case you just sign stuff and the lawyer does the rest.

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