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Anyone have any idea why some moms just have to have?

the most expensive baby crap there is? Like those pricey strollers or baby clothes


Mike do you do this work? I have a small statue that I want turned into resin, but in a larger scale. I am trying to find someone that can do this also. Can you help me with this?
Get a video camera and start recording these things as they are happening. Call the police as your Video taping if it is happening outside. If it is happening inside still video it and make sure you can here them. When the police get there at least you'll have some kind of evidence to show them. Ask th police to call children protective services and if they don't then you call them your self . They have an after hour's number. Hopefully they will step in and take those poor children away to some place that's safe. Even foster care has got to be a better place for them.Also ask your neighbor's if they will provide what they have seen and heard. It's a shame that the police are so ignorant to what needs to be done. It sound's like they don't want to get involved. You may be the ones who actually going to make a difference in their lives by telling someone. If you don't get involved they may end up seriously hurt or worse yet, dead. A lot of the people in this world would think it's nine of their business but without People like you these kids wouldn't have a chance. Thank you for caring and maybe saving some lives

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