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Appropriate Bluescreen Lighting?

I have a makeshift bluescreen to use with some plugins in iMovie that I found. The only problem is that I always wind up either getting shadows, washing the screen out, or making it too dark. Any ideas for an ideal lighting scheme?


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Most US cities have budgets for when private citizens cars get damaged due to the condition of the road. As long as you can prove that 1) your car is at stock height, 2) you have stock sized tires on it, including wheels, and 3) you can't get over the speed bump without scraping at all, then you can recoup damage to your car, and possibly have leverage to have the speed bump altered to prevent future damage. As for why they are thereThey can't be ignored like a sign can. Just because a speed limit sign says you can only go so fast, doesn't mean I'm only going to go that fast. In fact, I can't think of the last time I voluntarily drove the speed limit, but no matter what I do, I can't drive too fast when there is a speed bump. Now, as for if they care about the condition of the carNo. They don't. The priority of the legislatures who put those speed bumps in, is the safety of the public where the speed bump is put in. The actual construction of the speed bump is a result of the standards of the construction company who actually makes the bump. As for lowering itHow about raising it? Several bumps in Colorado are being switched from the typical bump, to large bumps that are both much taller and much MUCH longer. Instead of a bump that's 6 tall and 9 long, these are about 11 tall and 6 feet long. This makes the bump more gentle when you hit it, but still effectively slows people down.

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