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Are all leaks repairable on an outdoor a/c compressor?

We have a split level unit that is about 10 years oldWe have had problems with it for the past 8 of those yearsWe have had to put freon in about every 2-3 yearsLast year we had a tech come out and put more freon in itAbout 2 moslater it was out again! So we called a different tech to come out, and he actually checked for leaks (can't figure out why the previous techs didn't check) He showed me where the leak was and it was on the copper tubing where it meets the compressor at the bottomHe told us that the leak was unrepairable because the hole was on part of the aluminum on the copper tubingCan anyone give me a second opinion on this, because it sounds like he just didn't want to repair it just sell us a new unit that takes pruon( r410) cost of about $5,000 for a 13 seer goodman unitOur house is 1742 square feet, in TN.


Contact place where you bought it.Should be under warrenty and not cost you anything to get it serviced
there must be a way to get aoir return from the room and the vent that is a mystery needs a better look at it had to be put there for a reason.
Mr McKindle nailed it,could not have put it better myselfIt is extremely important to get the heat OUT of the attic-And there can be no down side of getting more insulation in the houseIf your doors and windows leak like a sieve, then you are wasting cooling dollarsIf this were me I'd have a duct performance test run alsoThe air has to be able to move efficientlyYou may end up having some duct work modified to work like it was designed.
Im assuming that your talking about the Condenser rather than the CompressorThe Compressor has no aluminum fittingsThe Condenser however is the part surrounding the compressorIt has aluminum fins surrounding copper tubesAnyway to begin with, that's a really odd place for this to leak unless it has been damaged in some fashionMost technicians (at least here in Oklahoma) do check for leaks as a common practiceAfter all its in their best interest to not be called back anytime soonIm assuming as well that since your unit is 10 years old that it probably takes R-22You can replace just the condenser and not the air handler insideOr, you might even try to find the paperwork from the original installation of this unitSome of them have a 10+ year warranty on the condenserIf you can find these you need to call the same people that installed it howeverAnyway Im also wondering HOW you knew the unit was out of freonDid it just stop cooling? Did it freeze up? Or did someone just tell you it was outThere are many things that would keep your unit from cooling and it still be fine on freonDon't be afraid to ask these technicians questionsIf your not satisfied with the answers, call the main office and ask for a supervisorInvestigate whats going on with you A.C and make them make you understand whats going onA good technician will do this for you, give you options, and find the most economical solution for youTo answer your question though, no, not all of the leaks can be repaired that involve the condenserCall the company manager of this guy that wants to sell you the Goodman systemFind out whats going onTell them your thoughtsAnyway I hope I helpedGood Luck.

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