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Are fire-extinguishers flammable themselves?

class a?, or b? or c?or d?any of these?anyone know if any of these are flammable? it just wouldn't make sense for being used againt fire. but could this be true? what ones


If you are looking for either the snap on visors, tinted or non, OR replacements for a complete full face helmet, I know they had some at the local Motorcycle dealership, on most helmets its a set design for the snap ons, I just bought a couple last week and noticed they had replacements for most types of helmets
Is it new? or have you had it a while? There might not be a way to remove the scent. You can try febreeze, but i have not had much luck with those products. You can also store it folded up in a closet in a plastic bag until you need it. In between the folds. put a dryer sheet or a couple of them. Over time, the pad should absorb the dryer sheet scent.

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