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Attaching studs to cement?

I want to build a room in my basement.I am just doing the research.how does the bottom 2x4 connect to the cement floor ?also, for the wall, how far apart are the studs ?


There are concrete nails/screws/fasteners -- check at your local hardware store. Studs are either 16 or 24 on center, meaning measured from the center of one stud to the center of the next.
Furring strips. Moisture migrates through concrete, so even moisture resistant greenboard sheetrock will degrade over time if applied directly to it. Used to be, you needed a .22 caliber device to shoot nails into the concrete for this job, but now there's Gorilla Glue and other types of liquid nail adhesive. Glue 1X4 furring strips the flat way, use shorter drywall screws. You can either fir the studwall above to line up, or trim out a ledge where they meet. If you've already got it UP . . . ask at Ace about the .22 . . . there should be a load that will let you nail it off without having the fasteners blow right through the drywall, but it won't be real pretty.
The 2x4's are fastened with a nail gun using concrete nails. There is also a strip of black felt under the 2x4. I would measure the room and determine whether to use 16oc or 24 oc studs for door placement.
Using a treated sill plate( bottom board) you can use a cement nail and hand drive it in or a ram set which is a 22 cartridge the drives a special nail into the concrete. You can buy these at most home improvement stores or even rent them at a rental store. For best results use 16 on center for your walls. 24 oc its possible to get bowing or visible wave in dry wall. Not always but I ve seen it. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

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