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Auman 5 tractor fuel it?

Auman 5 tractor fuel it


Auman 5 tractor with 340 horsepower and fuel saving power, rated speed of 1900 rpm, maximum torque of 1900N.m, fast speed and low fuel consumption. In addition, WEVB braking efficiency is improved by 45-55%, and high speed operation is guaranteed. A variety of small speed ratio, rear axle, speed difference is reasonable, high transmission efficiency, climbing, downshift, not slow down, very efficient operation. After the Mercedes Benz professional technical matching, the highest speed design of 110KM/H, fully able to meet the stringent needs of efficient transportation.
Auman 5 Series tractors from the body to the chassis, from manufacturing to drive all includes the safety design, the new development of the 2420 body cab, in line with the latest European safety regulations and standards, including the front, side and top pressure collision, four point floating vibration, collision can be met after the shift to 200mm, fully guarantee the personnel safety. Also, the chassis to ensure the carrying and safety of the premise, also used the advanced technology of double thin high strength frame, through the CAE analysis and design, anti distortion, enhance the anti fatigue strength, long service life, safety and reliability. Moreover, the good braking performance also provides active safety protection for vehicle safety. The driver's cabin is well sealed, spacious and comfortable, ergonomic, and safe on the basis of the driver's comfort.

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