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Automotive Paint?

I was just buying paint for 1997 silver mitsubishi eclipse and i saw that online they sale 1 quart or good OEM car paint for $75, so my questions was is that enough paint to paint the basecoat of my bumper and my two fenders (in few words how much can you paint with one quart of car basecoat paint)? Thank You


Quite a bit, some paints have different ratios but most paints thin at least 1:1 thats a half gallon of paint dude, if you use a gravity feed hvlp paint gun your paint will go farther because there is less overspray, It also depends on if the original color is the same as the paint your buying, some colors are harder to cover. Unless something drastic happens you should have plenty. Don't forget reducer/thinner dude.
Did you get the reducer , hardner and dryers too? The paint is thinned out alot. Like 60% You should be able to do the parts you have. It takes a gallon of paint and then reduced to do a VW van completely. Make sure you have enough thinners to clean out the spray gun and equipment. Gasoline won't work.(and it is much more dangerous than paint thinners - they are flammable too)

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