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Backdrop Material for Small Still Life Scenes?

I'm wondering what type of cloth/material is best for backgrounds or to place the items on for small still life scenes. I need to purchase some for little projects I do around the house - such as shooting fruit, candy, desserts, small miscellaneous stuff. I've never bought anything specific. Up to this point I've just used table clothes, etc. (things I found around the house).I'm looking to invest in some proper background materials.Any suggestions? Ideas? I'd love to hear all your input:)Thanking you in advance for your time


Dish soap or shaving cream also work. Don t wash the dish soap off. Just clean it off with a paper towel until there are no streaks left. I work with a lathe and have to wear a breathing mask and safety glasses. Because I m a girl and the mask is a little to big and doesn t fit really well, my warm breath escapes and fogs up my safety glasses. I have tried both of my suggestions and they work great. Turning wood with fogged up glasses is very dangerous so I need something that really works. Good luck. :-)
i advise to loads of video gaming, experience story telling, play fun games with your friends, oh! if its warm enough, play with water guns and water balloons. all kinds of cooky stuff, be creative. Go have fun. watch movies and eat till you puke! have fun, hope this helps.D
Twister Would you rather Prank call guyss. Ding dong ditch! Pillow fight Stargazing Tell Secrets Makeovers Play Video games Play on the internet Play board games if you have any Embarrassing moments Tell scary stories with the lights turned off. BAKE BROWNIES OR COOKIES!!! Order Pizza. Get everyone dressed up and make a music video. Karaoke. Imitation (where you imitate some famous or well known person and friends have to guess) The dares can be as simple as eating something weird like a peanut butter topped pickle, running around the house five times while saying, “Where is the door? I can’t find the door?” or more daring feats such as making a phone call to a boy you like or writing a love letter then reading it to everyone. Toilet Paper Game- Split into groups, (about 5 people per team). Give each group three roles of toilet paper, a piece of string, and some sticky tape, an extra accessory, such as a belt, or a headband, etc. Each team nominates one person to be the model. The rest of the team has to design a super stylish outfit for the model using only the supplies given. Give them 4 minutes-6minutes putting together the outfit. Then the models model their dresses down the “catwalk”, and you be the judge.

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