Barbell /Scaffold earrings?

Hi ive had my industrial piercing for a while now and ive been wanting to change the barbell, but i cant really find a good place to buy any.Please dont suggest claires or ardenes( cuz there crappy items) i dont want to go to a tattoo parlor and i ve tried going online on PainfulPleasures and purchasing from there but my aunt didnt let....Im getting aggravated because i cant find any place to buy barbells.Can some one please tell where i can buy Barbell earrings at a decent price in Toronto or some where close to Toronto.Thanks in advance...:]Also PLEASE tell me where it is located not just the name of the store ...Please and thank you.:]


Scaffold Earrings
actually some claires stuff is good lol. but spencers is where i got mine. if you have one.sometimes at spencers they have deals, i got 4 for $20 i think it was. also culture craze has good ones. theres also hot topic or detox. i hope this helps

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