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bathing suit-ish sort of question? i need to look not as skinny?

okay so i am a petite build, i'm 15 and about 5'4 and around 100 pounds, so not tiny but i mean still pretty skinny. i eat right and everything my metabolism and body build is just like that. but anyways i hate being in a bathing suit because i really look kinda too skinny, i mean i'd rather look a little curvier and not have my ribs show when i move a certain way.i know that i'm in a better place than being overweight, and i have confidence in my body really i just would change that one thing if i could.basically my question is, is there anything i can do to change it?please and thank you for your help!!


Well its a dumb question why would you want to really fight. Simulating a street fight is very hard as fighting without such ill intent is nearly impossible given your circumstances as i understand them. Street fighting and professionally fighting are a completely different dynamic than sparring. I would reccomend putting on headgear, and laeaving the body completley exposed. Headgear will decrease the likelihood of brain damage, and having your body exposed will allow you to feel the real pain of kicks of punches while not putting yourself in permanent danger. If you would like to fight, i suggest leaving the shenanigans at home and going to a dojo.
We'll listen to anyone with a sensible point to make. Do you have any?
They love to talk about people having delusions, but don't realize they are the most deluded of all. It's good to be a delusion crusher though. I can agree with that. God bless you.
Remove the battery until you can go to the store to buy new ones. If it continues to chirp, it must have something to do with the wires. Some smoke detectors are installed with wires. In that case you will need an electrician. Don't cut the wires, you can be sued for that or you might end up hurting yourself.
Sorry, who's speaking now?

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