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burning temperature of caulk?

What is the absolute maxium temperature for silicone caulk? Basically, at what point does it lose its structure (standard 100% silicone II, the kind of stuff you find in hardware stores)I'm making some molds, and I want to know if I can use zinc or aluminumI can't do sand, or lost wax/foam casting, as I need about 20, and the object has several areas that stick outI tried it with plaster, but because of those, I could not remove the original, nor the castAlso, I don't want to know about high temperature silicone or fancy expensive silicones, as I don't have long enough, or enough money to buy themIn short, at what point does silicone caulk melt or burn? (caulk, not elemental silicone).


About 200-300 degreesToo low for metal castingIts not real obvious what you are attemptingBUt if it ie metal - zinc or aluminum casting: Use green sand to cast metalMake you ownFor complex shapes make a multi part moldBut First simplify the shape of the casted item by padding itThen make a mold insert that forms around the areas that stick outWhen removing from the mold the insert comes with itThen remove the insert mold pieces from the casted part.

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