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Cake Pop Display Ideas?

I am making cake pops for a Bar‘ Mitzvah next weekend. There are going to be, camoflague pops, pops with words, pops with the racing flag design on them, and some with edible copper dust. There are 150 pops. I know to use styrofaom but I want to make the display unique. :) All answers appreciated. Thank you!!


If you have the resources to take make a wood box or purchase a box and drill holes in it, that always looks professional and you can space out the pops exactly as you like so they look perfect. Plus if you do it in a couple boxes that are square or round you can re-use them by just re-painting etc. That's what I do and it is always a show-stopper.
Thats funny because i did the same thing! What i did was I took styrofoam, i covered it with pretty wrapping paper, and i made it look like those steps that are curvy steps. For example, you would put one on the bottom then the second one would be curved on the next level, and on. If you don't want to do that you can cover it the same way but use the cake pops to spell out the name of the child. Hope this helps!
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