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camping list help needed

im going to camp somewhere for 3 days and 2 nightsand gonna sleep in a tentprobably not anywhere in the forest but still out doorhope everyone can help me make a list of thing i need.Thank you very munch


This Site Might Help YouRE: reflective surfaces? ( not mirror or anything with glass)? For my art Major work i want there to be a mirror in it, but unfortunately we are not aloud to use glass, this includes mirrorsAny suggestions?
You have 2 great options depending on your cash flow and time left to completeStainless Steel can be polished with automotive rubbing compound to a 3 mirror finish using an orbital sander or you can just use a decent thickness of aluminum polished by hand in a circular motion using progressively finer steel woolThe stainless will stay brighter longer when exposed to the elements yet aluminum is much less expensive.Let us know what you decide and how your project graded .
The answers of foil and the inside of a bag were pretty good, but if you want something a bit different beaten metal, like copper or bronze sheets, highly polished make good reflective surfacesThey were the old fashioned mirrors before the silver backed mirrors anywayThis depends on how big the mirrors needs to be and how much you want to spendYou might be able to pick some up at a craft store(copper) or a home improvement placeThere's also the option of obsidian stone, again depending on size and costYou can also buy granite tiles from the home improvement place, or stone cutter, and have them cut the tileIt's highly reflectiveI used it for a table top.
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