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Can a Honda Fit be mofified to make it perform better in the snow?

I like my Honda Fit now that it is summer; but I dread the winter. Last winter I repeatedly got stuck in the snow; the wheels are too small and it is too low to the ground. I actually had to get towed one snowy night. can anything be done to help; like snow tires or another modification? I have had 3 Civics and an Accord and never had the trouble in the snow that the Fit has had.


Other fire engines rely on being able to hook up to a fire hydrant for water. Crash trucks have to carry all the water with them as there is little time to stop and hook up. So they have to be big to carry a lot of water. Also crash truck may be involved in a fire themselves or a massive explosion. So they carry their crews inside where they can remotely run the water cannon. Lastly, they sometimes have to push one plane away from another. For example, if one is on fire and the other is not. So they are massive with lots of power so they can move in and actually move a plane.
If your roof is 25 years old and leaks, you need either a second layer of shingles, or if it all ready has two layers you will need a tear off and a complete re-roof.
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The first part is they are absolutely massive. much larger than standard fire trucks. They aren't limited by the width of a road and typically they are wider than an average lane. Some can be short to fit under wings, but that is not typical. There is no more dangerous place to be then under the wing of a burning airplane, that is where the fuel is It is true that they spray foam, but they also spray water, they have large tanks to hold enough fire suppressant to put out most any fire they will come across. Unlike normal fire trucks, they can't hook up to a fire hydrant. They usually sit 3 people across, with the driver being in the middle. There are remote nozzle operators along with more traditional firemen who have easy access to the doors. Another important part of their design is their speed. Its amazing how quickly they can move, especially considering their weight. Not only are they fast, but they do well off road also, as often times the fastest way to a burning airplane will be through a grass field between taxiways.
1 they need to be low to get under wings 2 they spray foam not water

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