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can a rice cooker set the fire alarm off?

can a rice cooker set the fire alarm off because dont fire alarms detect carbon monoxide and not steamed water and if this is the case how come hair straightners set fire alarms offsorry for the long question i wanna know before i use my rice cooker at college thanks


OK. Space time is a 4D structure. The common rubber sheet 2D picture is confusing you. Flip it over so the curve is up rather than down. Now the ball not gravity is causing the curvature. Or flip it sideways, same thing it is the ball (mass) that is causing the curvature. Replace the rolling ball with an ant. The ant crawling on the 2D surface follows the curve The ant's path is curved because its space time (the rubber sheet) is curved. General Relativity: Another thought experiment: Einstein thought, What exactly is gravity? Newton described how gravity worked but could not figure out what it was. Example: The earth is attracted to the sun. But, how does the Sun do that? Where is the rope that allows the sun to pull on the earth? Newton ignored the question. Einstein tackled it. And thought (My paraphrase): Suppose you were captured by aliens and drugged, you wake up in a sealed room. The room could be sitting motionless on the earth or you could be on the alien’s spaceship being taken back to their home planet. The space ship could have a soundless, vibration less rocket motor that we cannot tell if it is firing or not. If it is firing it is accelerating the room at 9.8 m/s^2 Is there any experiment that we can do that will allow you to figure out if the room is sitting motionless on the earth or accelerating through space at 9.8 m/s^2? Turns out there are no way to figure out if we are sitting on earth or accelerating through space. This means: If we cannot tell the difference, then there is no difference. Gravity is not a force but acceleration that manifests itself as a warping (curving) of Space-Time. (A very profound conclusion. Newton caught a whiff of this insight, but missed its’ significants. F MA To get a Force you multiply Mass times Acceleration). Another way to say this: Masses are not attracted to each other, they just follow the curvature of space-time. The acceleration of gravity is the slope of the curvature of space-time.
it's been almost 4 years since i've vacationed to korea (i'm korean and i still love it) so i'll try my best to answer 1. i HEARD that you should stay away from the public water so i'm not entirely sure where it's safe and whatnot. also, if you are going during spring and early summer, stay away from bustling areas. the yellow dust from the gobi desert in china blows into korea and can make you sick. 2. it's okay if you don't understand. if you talk to the youngsters, they will most likely understand basic english because you start learning english in elementary school (i know this because my mom forced me to go to summer school there) 3. when i was in korea, my mom, brother, and i spent the summer in a small apartment. we were somewhere near the top floor so it was relatively quiet. 4. if you go shopping in the city, there should be lots of cheap things. 5. everland! of course, if you don't like amusement parks, don't go 6. sanitary napkins? uhhh i would probably be dead if they didn't 7. i'm not really sure how to answer the girl problem since i am a girlhahahaha 8. i would stay out only until sunset. after that, hurry on home. 9. crime rate1 through 10, 10 being the worst, maybe 3 1/2? 10. it's never safe to walk around at night, no matter which country you're in. but if you do, try busy areas where people will see if anything goes wrong. 11. fall there is cold, just like here in the u.s. not freezing and not warm. hope this helps! have a safe and fun trip!! ^______^

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