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can anyone help me to answer add math form 4 project?differentiation?

The Muhibbah Company is a manufacturer of cylindracal aluminium tins.The manager plans to reduce the cost of production.The production cost is proportional to the area of the aluminium sheet used.The volume that eachtin can hold is 1000cm cube(1 litre)1.Determine the value of h,r and hence calculate the ratio h/r when the total surface area of each tin is minimum.here,h cm denotes the height and r cm the radius of the tin.2.The top and bottom pieces of the tin of height h cm are cut from square-shaped aluminium sheets.determine the value for r,h and hence calculate the ratio h/r so that the total area of the aluminium sheets used for making the tin is minimum.lt;refer to your own diagramgt;3.investigate cases where the top and bottom surfaces are cut from:i)equilateral triangleii)regular hexagonFind the ratio of h/r for each case.


I run a '79 evinrude 70hp, runs as good now as the day it was built - give it fresh gas, change the water pump ever couple-three years, change the gear oil every year, take it out run it every 3-4 weeks or so, and DON'T FORGET THE OIL, it'll still be running after you I are long goneBut check the compression first, if all cylinders aren't within 5 or 7 percent of each other, you're looking at a potential rebuildAsk the owner to crank it for youIf he does so without supplying water to the lower unit (submerging it or hooking up a garden hose attachment), walk away - he doesn't know what he's doingOnly takes 30 seconds of dry running to ruin a water pump impellerTrolling motor's don't last that long, in my experienceJust depends on how much use it's hadOn the trailer, corrosion will take it's toll on the coupler winch jack stand wiring, but those are all minor fixesThe main thing to look out for are wheel bearingsEven those aren't really that difficultIf the boat floats without leaking (too much - rivets will get leaky after many years of pounding), the motor starts, idles, accelerates and cruises, and the trailer is roadworthy, should be worth close to $1,000, maybe more if the batteries and fishfinder are fairly new.
Evinrude and mercury are some of the best names in boat equiptmenti don't think you should worryI would Probably buy the boat from $100-$500
Sheffield University Metallurgical Laboratory ran tests on the aluminium from which my boat is made, and the report came back a less expectancy in excess of 100 yearsThe Lifeboats, the Police Launches, the Swedish Navy boats, Oil Rig support vessels and harbour work boats are made from an aluminium alloy; you probably have no worries about the longevity of your hull.
Sean, I would not be concerned about the age of the boat, as long as it was in good shapeThe engine and trolling motor will wear out at some point, but normally the guys who have boats like this don't use them that much, as far as hours are concerned, so they last a long, long time when properly cared forIf the boat and trailer are in good shape, the motor and the engine will probably be OK as well Fair offer? I have no idea for your part of the worldAsk what the guy wants for it, and see if you can talk him down a little, as that is what most people expect to happenIf you are happy with the price, buy itYou have to make the call as to whether the price meets your expectationsBTW, if you are going to fish with it, I highly recommend that you get a fish finder/depth finderThis is a valuable tool for fishingRegards, Dan

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