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Can I cut a relief in Hardibacker cement board?

I want to cut off a lip of about 1/8 by 1/2 to accomodate the upper lip of a tub. I plan to do this with several passes of an abrasive wheel in a circular saw set to 1/8. My question is will I be able to machine the board like this or will I get a crumbling mess? the Hardiback is 1/2.


Its not like cutting tile. it will not be a clean cut.
You can use a rasp or a router with a carbide cutter. best done outside while waring a dust mask.
Hardibaker peels like an onion in layers. We use it half thick often and we just cut it to size and then using a razor knife pushed in between the layers and pull them apart like opening a peanut butter sandwich. This may help you. If you run that saw on the line where you need the lip to start on the board then use your knife to split the layers and peel them down to the cut you made. This may be an easier solution then eating away the excess material a little at a time. Good Luck.

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