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Can I get lean and ripped with this?

I have a high metabolism. THE WORKOUT: 3 Day Split Monday: Chest/Tricep Day ???x5x5 Flat Bench ???x5x5 Shoulder Press ???x5x5 Skull Crusher Wednesday: Leg Day ???x5x5 Squats ???x5x5 Dead Lift ???x5x5 Calf Raises Friday: Back/Bicep Day 5xFailure Chin Ups 5x5 Barbell Row 5x5 DB Bicep CurlsThose include compound movements which burn fat, but do I need to do any cardio? If so on what days? When do I work abs? Is this a good workout routine for muscle to stay lean and rippped?


Yes. Do some cardio. You only burn your own muscles if your diet is insufficient. Your abs are not different then most muscle groups and benefit from being stressed and then rested (every other day or every third day). Staying lean is one thing. Looking ripped is another. I went through a lot of deprivation (diet and water) to get to a show appearance, but I would never suggest trying to maintain a constant ripped appearance.
I would say you don't need any cardio. With a high metabolism, like me, you don't want to do a cardio, because you'll start burning your muscle. As for your abs, those muscles can be worked out with every workout. They take a lot of exercise to really be over worked, trust me, it takes a lot of time and exercise. Do machine exercises, or captain's chair exercises. You'll shred and tear your abs up. As for your routine, it is a solid. You break it up, and make sure to give proper muscles a rest, so there is nothing that needs to be done there. I only hope you are getting enough calories, and protein in your diet to support this.
your doing alot of good workouts! those will definently burn alot of calories and build muscle... totally.. except skull crushers are tough on elbows.. i had to stop doing them.. so be carefull... you should only do cardio if u have actual body fat to burn.... if u cannot see your abs then do some cardio after your weight training say 30 mins.. me personally..i just play tennis and im good.. at the gym i lift weights and thats all

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