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Can I make a simple SW Reciever?

I have a 13.50 MHz AM Transmitter CircuitCan you suggest a SW Reciever Circuit which will recieve 13.50 MHz radio waves (only) and amplify it and send it to a switch (transistor or relays) which can control a LED or something as an indication? And another group of questions related to the topic :-+Will aluminium foil block/reflect back radio waves hitting on it?+How can we make a coating of copper of a bit of aluminium foil, by electroplating? I have only copper wires, no copper coins or anything else.P.SPlease avoid ICs in the SW CircuitAmplification part can be omitted if IC is an unavoidable part of the amplifying section of the circuit.


You don't need any ICsSW receivers with AM modulation are very easy to makeElectroplating of copper is also easyUse a copper sulphate solution to do this.

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