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Can I soften the steel on steel toe boots?

Ok, I have motorcycle classes and im afraid that I wont feel the gear shifter when shifting. So I want to make the boot softer from the toes where the steel is at so i can feel the gear shift with my toes. When i walk and bump into something by accident with my boots I dont feel anything I almost dont notice it. So I think i will be a problem since I wont be able to feel anything.


sorry you cant
You're not from this world, are you?
No chance
Steel can't be softened. You really ought to sit on the bike when it's not running and see how it feels when shifting. You may be imagining a problem that doesn't exist. A lot of bikers where steel toes to protect their feet. I can't believe that this is a real problem, but if it is for you, then get different boots.

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