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can Ibe fired from my job if I have a pending workers comp law suit.?

I am suing my employer who won't accept my workers comp claim. Now I feel he is retaliating against me since it looks like he may have no choice but to accept the claim. he is using my mental health to say I'm not doing my job and says my current job is creating a conflict of interest for the company since I oversee workers comp for the company. he has made disparaging comments to me in front of other co workers which leads me to believe I'm being railroaded.


They do get struck by lightning, and most have grounding rods that take the blast into the ground, instead of frying the turbine. It has been known to set them on fire in a few instances, and usually the turbine becomes a loss at that point, because there is no safe way to fight the fire 100+ feet above the ground, so they let the fire burn its self out, and then repair or replace the damaged turbine. The benefit of having wind power is near zero pollution, and wind generated electricity. The downfall is there is the visual pollution of having the turbines, and people who live near or among them complain about the noise from the blades. Kansas has one of the largest wind farms in the Nation and I live about 15 miles from it, there are hundreds if not a thousand wind turbines that run 5-6 miles deep, and about 25 miles long along I-70.
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