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Can the electrothermal?film be used in bathroom?



The electrothermal?film can be installed in bathrooms, the electrothermal?film heater uses transparent high temperature electrothermal?film as heating material, which is at the advanced level of the world in terms of techniques. It uses hot air duct structure. The traditional mode is enhancing convention, and the warm start speed is fast, and the outlet air temperature can be above 100 degrees in 3 minutes. Advantages: there is no oxidation when the electrothermal?film is heating, the service life can be 100 thousand hours, and it is small in size, beautiful in appearance, and it belongs to update products of electric?heater. Disadvantages: it quickly cools as power off, consumers in newly decorated houses will install a bath heater which is convenient for heating in shower. Bath heater is a newly introduced product in recent years from Australia. The ingenious combination of special waterproof infrared lights and ventilators mixes heating, ventilation and infrared physiotherapy and a variety of functions together. Due to the use of infrared radiation technology, the heat will be bigger, thermal efficiency is higher and more energy efficient. Electrothermal?film heater uses a new high efficiency material, the safety significantly increases, thermal efficiency is relatively high.
The electrothermal?film can be installed in bathrooms with no other influences. The electrothermal?film a heating material which is made of a special conductive polymer material and metal current carrier that is melted and pressed between insulating films. After power on it will generate heat. It is mostly used as heating elements.
Some of them can be used in bathrooms, but most of them can not. 1. the breakdown voltage of electrothermal?film is above 1200V, so there is no risk of breakdown in the voltage of 220V. 2. neutral line leakage current of electrothermal?film is less than 0.126mA; and that of phase line is less than 0.136mA. 3. the electrothermal?film is flame retardant which will not lead to the autoignition of electrothermal?film. 4. electrothermal film heating system belongs to low temperature radiation heating system, the surface temperature of it during operation is only 40 to 50 degrees. 5. the electrothermal film heating system has a temperature control device, the temperature controller will automatically control the entire system, when the indoor temperature meet users' requirements, the electrothermal film heating system will stop running, when the indoor temperature is lower than users' requirements, the electrothermal?film system will automatically start running.

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