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Can you make a GIS property boundary map with one GPS point and an old survey map (compass bearings and feet)?

I have an old survey identifying points on the property (ex. X on rock, large Black Maple). I think I've found one of the points and have a GPS reading from that point. Is there a program where I can use the old survey's bearings (hypo. ex. 38 degrees NW, 256 ft), to generate the property boundary? I have access to ArcGIS, basic Google Earth. Yes, I am lazy and don't feel like hiking the 90 acres of rugged land to try and find other points. Yes, I am also cheap and don't want to pay the several thousand to have a real survey done.


Typically, you find can crushers in the hardware department and/or at hardware stores. If possible, go for a metal one; the metal can crushers last longer and work better. But, typically you cannot guaranteed just go to the store for a can crusher any more. You might want to see what you can find on line. On the other hand, a car's tires can do quite a number on an aluminum can. We don't do much for aluminum cans. If you only have a few, you can try placing them along you car's tires' path; it does work. Or, you can line them up on the ground, drop a sledge down on them to flatten them in the middle, then finish of either with the sledge or by stepping on them.
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