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Can you please help me with this problem?

I have been trying this problem for long and couln't get itCan you help me get this calculus problem?1) Finding the Original Temperature of a Beam, An aluminium beam was brought from the outside cold into a machine shop where the temperature was held at 65 degree FAfter 10 minutes, teh beam warmed to 35 degree F and after 10 minute its temperature was 50 degree FUse Newton's Law of Cooling to estimate the beam's intial temperature.2) Carbon-14 Dating Measurement Sensitivity, To see the effect of a relatively small error in the estimate of teh amount of carbon-14 in a sample being dated, aswer the following questions about this hypothetical situation.Here: A fossilized bone found in central Illinois in the year A.D2000 contains 17% of its original carbon-14 contentEstimate the year te animal died.


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