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Can you use CAB O SIL with Polyester resin too?

Im looking to order some Polyester resin and was reading the site and it says that the CAB O SIL is for Epoxy resin, but I saw on youtube a guy used both Polyester and CAB O SIL together. Is this ok? or should I go for the wood flour instead?


poly resin is polyester resin a kind of plastic that moderately hard - but will still scratch. Can be clear white or colored. plated metal is an object made in metal, usually cheaper metal, then chemically or electrochemically covered with a thin layer of another metal - so with time it might wear off. Gold might be plated on silver or brass, chrome on zinc. Using a small amount of the expensive metal makes a cheaper object than a solid gold or silver item. The house keys in my pocket and the lock on my front door were both plated and the silvery nickel on the keys has worn down over decades of use to show the brass underneath and the brass on the deadbolt has worn and weathered to expose the gray zinc alloy.
No it is not entrapment. Your plan to use the recording in court has several flaws. First, it is not relevant. If he apologizes for pushing you out of his home that is not a defense to disorderly conduct or for trespassing. The notion that he might also have committed a crime means nothing in your trial. The other problem is that some states prohibit the use of such recordings unless both parties agree to it. That is not common, but is possible.
Take advise from one with screwed up lungs, any time you work on any brake system on any make car, work with wood and wood dust, or any other commercial dust system, by all means wear a mask, even a simple paper mask is better than nothing, and yes, fiberglass can be dangerous like asbestos. Once a persons lungs are damaged, they cannot be repaired.

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