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Car alarm on 95 Volkswagen Golf GTI always goes off whenever I open the door?

Whenever I go to open my door on my golf the alarm always goes off and I have to walk to the passenger side door and unlock it and the alarm shuts off and that is the only way I know how to shut it off, and was wondering if there was any way to completely remove the alarm as I never have anything valuable in the cabin so there is no need for one. Any information would help or if you have had the same problem. I would really like to take it out completely if it is possible I have a full garage to work on it please let me know-thanks


should work on the driver side door too. unless your driver side door lock doesnt work? the factory alarm on that vehicle disarms when a + pulse is sent to the unlock button and arms when + is sent to lock. this is usually achieved by either hitting unlock on your keyless entry remote(if equipped) or manually unlocking the door. There is a fuse for the factory alarm, but the fuse should also disable the starter. if you dont want to go to the dealer, a relatively low cost solution is to take it to an alarm shop and have them put in an aftermarket keyless entry system if you dont care about an alarm. an alarm wouldnt cost much more though. This install shouldnt take long and should work together with your factory system, fixing your problem have them check it out so you'll be sure your issue will be solved
check the harness inbetween the body and door chances are you will find broken wires, either fix them or replace the harness

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