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Car alarm remote ever caused you grief?

Last night I was unable to start my car for almost an hour (in a WalMart parking lot at midnight, very cold - no jacket. I‘ve learned :) because the alarm remote would not work! I called roadside assist and while waiting for them to arrive (meanwhile, my alarm kept going off), I opened the remote and snapped it closed again.It worked! I was able to start the car!Has anyone else had a similar problem with your own vehicle security?


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Change the battery in the remote. You can get them at walmart.
Is this the factory alarm system, or an after-market add-on? Most after-market systems have an emergency override that will allow you to disarm the alarm without the remote. You can also disarm most (not all) factory systems by turning your key in the door lock, or in the ignition. What kind of car is it?

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