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Car paint maintenance, why grinding and polishing

Car paint maintenance, why grinding and polishing?


In the finish grinding and polishing after waxing treatment, after waxing can increase the paint gloss, the icing on the cake, and can form a thin layer of protective film on the surface, to reduce the effect of waterproof, ultraviolet and other external.
(a) the oxide layer is a common defect of paint, car paint is not damaged, in general use for six months to a year later, due to the impact of external pollutants directly or indirectly will form an oxide layer (i.e. paint skin disease). If you do not often to paint wax maintenance will be more easily formed by grinding the oxide layer; to eliminate, to effectively curb the further influence of paint.(two) because the grinding process requires removal of the original paint defects, the degree of profit is relatively large, it is inevitable to leave traces of paint on the surface, you can polish to further improve the effect of paint.
The car as people used to transport, often in outdoor travel, will inevitably suffer from the sun's ultraviolet radiation, the effects of acid rain; and the air pollution and corrosion in the high-speed vehicle static electricity generated in the process, after days and months multiplying will depend on the formation of oxide layer surface gradually, beginning with the naked eye is not easy to see, but penetration of long time will lose gloss paint, touch feel rough; even through the car waxing is of no avail.

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